Recruiting, Training, and Engaging Alumni Volunteers in a Digital Environment


Recruiting, Training, and Engaging Alumni Volunteers in a Digital Environment


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Portrait of Clarybel Peguero Portrait of Parks Smith


Clarybel Peguero, Ed.D.
Senior Director for Volunteer Engagement
Duke Alumni Association, Duke University


Parks Smith
Director of Strategic Operations
Virginia Commonwealth University

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  • 1hr 41m of video instruction
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Released 01/28/2021

Alumni volunteers are immensely valuable to institutions in both their service and giving power— they tend to give 10 times more than non-volunteers. However, COVID-19 has flipped the script on how we recruit and engage alumni volunteers. For example, in-person offerings are no longer an option. Instead, we’ve been forced into the digital world and have had to adjust in order to remain successful.

In this highly interactive virtual training, our experts will guide you as you share with your peers what you have learned since we’ve entered this new reality. Together we will identify emerging best practices in the digital space regarding volunteer recruitment, training, and engagement, in order to better understand how to retain alumni volunteers. You will leave this training with the best current thinking on how to engage your volunteers during the pandemic and beyond.

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