The New Realities of Senior Leadership Transitions

The New Realities of Senior Leadership Transitions

Traditional advice about transitioning to a new senior leadership role no longer applies in today’s context. Join us to learn a more updated, practical, and effective approach.


By most accounts, the pandemic has not only accelerated the pace of leadership transitions but has made them considerably more complex. Almost every new senior leader is walking into a situation with significant challenges, including financial and enrollment shortfalls, declining demographics, systemic inequities that need to be addressed and lower faculty and staff morale and engagement.

The days when senior leaders could do a year-long listening tour, delay big decisions, and carefully plan out their first 100 days are gone: this is no longer a reality afforded to most incoming senior leaders. The questions now are how do you identify which strategic challenges to address first while simultaneously building — and even enhancing — trust on campus?

Join us for an exciting conversation with Maria Thompson and Susan Turell to explore the realities of senior leadership transitions including how to:

  • Quickly learn and navigate the politics and agendas at play
  • Sift through gossip, campus lore and misinformation
  • Assess the most important issues on which to focus your time and attention
  • Navigate institutional structures that will impact your leadership like norms, power dynamics, and climate