Leading as Faculty: An Audio Series

Last updated January 25, 2024

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2h 53m

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January 25, 2024

Leading as Faculty: An Audio Series

Last updated January 25, 2024

Listen to firsthand stories of faculty leadership from the faculty themselves.


Episode #1: Navigating the Mid-Career with Niyati Parekh 

In our inaugural episode, Jenna interviews Niyati Parekh, Associate Vice Provost of Faculty Initiatives at New York University, about navigating the mid-career stage. Niyati shares how she fell into leadership, and how she now tries to support faculty in their own career journeys.  

Episode #2: Inflection Points with Bill Clements 

In this episode, Jenna interviews William “Bill” Clements, former Vice President and Dean of the College of Graduate and Continuing Studies at Norwich University. After a long career as a full-time administrator, Bill reflects on his career as a faculty leader as he returns to a full-time faculty role. Bill muses upon “inflection points,” where he had to make a choice between continuing his work as a scholar or focusing solely on his administrative duties, as well as discussing the importance of strategically choosing the opportunities that best align with your strengths and passions. 

Episode #3: Leading as a Social Worker with Katharine Hill 

In this episode, Jenna interviews Katharine Hill, Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement and Research and Professor of Social Work at the University of St. Thomas. Katharine shares how her training as a social worker prepared her for the role of a Faculty Affairs leader, including advocating on behalf of faculty and ensuring that their voice is heard. 

Episode #4: Nontraditional Faculty Journeys with Janet Dufek 

In this episode, Sarah interviews Janet Dufek, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Janet shares her nontraditional background, having moved from academia to industry and back again, and how her journey has been shaped by mentorship and by mentoring others.  

Episode #5: Intentional Leadership and Growth with Nicole Pulliam  

In this episode, Sarah interviews Nicole Pulliam, Associate Professor & Director of the Social Justice Academy at Monmouth University. Nicole shares how to be intentional with your leadership journey, focusing on growing with purpose rather than accepting every opportunity.