Creating Customized Impact Reports


Creating Customized Impact Reports


Table of Contents


Develop personalized impact reports for your donors.



  • Impact reports: OSU’s results
    • Sample impact report: Final product
    • Donor feedback
    • Institutional feedback
  • Identifying the right donors
  • Strategic plan
    • Getting buy-in
    • Information to gather
    • Probing questions for staff
    • Information synthesis
  • Production
    • Key partnerships
    • Collaboration techniques
  • Effective delivery tactics
  • Setting realistic goals considering time, staff, and budget
    • Timeline associated with each phase
    • Realistic number of impact reports per year
    • Frequency of impact report per donor
  • Impact reports for annual giving donors
  • Extendable impact reports
    • Corporate partners
    • Dean’s list
    • Leadership annual donors



Download the presentation slides (PDF)

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Download the leftover questions (PDF)

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