Incentivizing Residential Learning


Incentivizing Residential Learning


Table of Contents


Ditch your housing lottery in favor of a strategic housing priority model.



  • Identifying the Catalyst for Change
  • Vision for Residential Learning
    • Setting learning goals and outcomes
    • Authorship
    • Interculturalism
    • Community living
  • Tailoring Residential Curriculum for Engagement
    • Educational plan/blueprint
    • Designed learning experiences
  • Partnering with Campus Stakeholders
    • Developing a proposal process
    • PATH points example
  • Considerations
    • Impact on staff
    • Training
    • Implementation and communication plan
  • Change Management Success Stories/Lessons Learned



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Why is this event retired?

At AI we want to always ensure that the best and most current trainings are available to members, and we regularly review our trainings to ensure that is the case.