10 Tips for Creating Lecture Capture


10 Tips for Creating Lecture Capture


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Learn how you can use lecture capture to increase student engagement and improve learning outcomes.


Agenda for Pre-Webcast Recording

View the Pre-Webcast Recording: Administrative and Tactical Considerations 

  • Administrative and tactical considerations
    • Faculty
    • IT
    • Student
    • Transforming Learning

Agenda for the Webcast

  • Themes from administrative and tactical considerations
    • Question and answer
  • Tips to creating effective lecture capture
    • Plan ahead! Write a script or outline. You may be a natural lecturer, but most of us, when faced with the idea of being recorded, ‘forget’ the lectures we know by heart.
    • Chunk or break up concepts
    • Use a conversational or ‘chatty’ tone
    • Practice!
    • Visual aids are a MUST
    • Switch out! If you are in a department where many teach the same class, divide the work. Different voices and faces help students keep interest.
    • Brand your work
    • Be real. Don’t be afraid to slip up and say things twice or stutter a little
    • Check your facts
    • Take a field trip



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