Fundraising for Department Chairs

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Fundraising for Department Chairs

Demystify the fundraising process and learn how to tell a compelling story to donors.


At its core, fundraising is storytelling. How effectively you tell your story, who you choose to tell your story to, and how you demonstrate the impact of fundraising dollars once raised will ultimately determine your success as a fundraiser.

The good news is you are already doing much of this work by advocating internally at the Dean and Provost level for your students, faculty, and programs. This video course is designed to help you broaden those skills and refine your message externally to alumni, donors, and community members. You will learn how to approach fundraising for your department in a strategic and meaningful way by learning how to:

  • Explore your institution’s fundraising operations and structure, so that you can better understand your role and ways to partner with others.
  • Identify and articulate the most emergent needs for your department in a way that aligns with donors’ interests.
  • Plan for and navigate through the five stages of the solicitation cycle to cultivate long-lasting relationships with donors.

The principles of fundraising shared in this course can be implemented by any department chair who is interested in growing their expertise in cultivating relationships with donors.  Whether you are solely responsible for fundraising or share the responsibility with your Dean and/or Advancement Office, this video course will guide you through the solicitation process.

This video course will be especially beneficial for department chairs who are new to fundraising and/or those who have received little training on the subject.

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Who should attend?

You will benefit from this video course if you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions:

  • Are you struggling to find the time to keep up with your growing “to-do” list?
  • Do you feel like most of your time is spent on wasteful or frivolous tasks instead of your most important and meaningful work?
  • Do you wish you felt more connected to or engaged with your work?

After participating in this video course, you’ll walk away with tips and strategies that will allow you to develop new habits for how you manage your time and schedule so you can fully maximize your effectiveness and value.

The time management principles shared in this course can be implemented by anyone, at any level.



  • Video 1 – Introduction to Todd
  • Video 2 – Introduction to the Course

Lesson 1: The Importance of Fundraising for Department Chairs

  • Video 3 – Why is Fundraising Important?
  • Video 4 – What is Your Role in Fundraising?

Lesson 2: Understanding and Articulating The Needs of Your Department

  • Video 5 – Identifying Your Needs
  • Video 6 – Articulating Your Vision

Lesson 3: The Solicitation Cycle

  • Video 7 – Overview of the Solicitation Cycle
  • Video 8 – Prospect Identification
  • Video 9 – Qualification
  • Video 10 – Cultivation
  • Video 11 – Making the Ask
  • Video 12 – Stewardship and Re-engagement
  • Video 13 – Repeating the Cycle

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Course Highlights

  • 3 lessons covered in 50 minutes
  • 13 videos, each no longer than 7 minutes
  • One workbook that includes 8 resources to help you practice what you have learned
  • Valued at $395. Free for members.

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