Tailoring Programming for Unengaged Professional and Graduate School Alumni


Tailoring Programming for Unengaged Professional and Graduate School Alumni


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Portrait of Mario Peraza


Mario Peraza
Executive Director, Alumni Relations
University of California San Francisco

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Released 3/29/2021

Graduate and professional alumni typically aren’t as engaged with their alma mater as their undergraduate counterparts. But graduate alumni are often highly career-focused with strong connections to classmates, faculty, and mentors. How can you leverage these traits to increase engagement with this population? How can you overcome limitations of our current public health crisis and turn those into opportunities? 

Join us to hear from Mario Peraza at the University of California San Francisco, a graduate-only institution leading the way in health sciences. He’ll show you how he’s used meaningful programming and communications to make professional and graduate school alumni feel more connected to the campus and each other, and how he has adapted their programming to a low-cost, online environment to increase alumni engagement.  

In small groups, you’ll connect with your colleagues at similar graduate institutions to share ideas and brainstorm solutions around communication, engagement, and programming for your unique alumni populations. You’ll walk away inspired to try new tips and strategies for engaging with your graduate and professional alumni in ways that really speak to their unique needs and interests. 

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