Responding to Title IX Disclosures: Training for Faculty and Staff


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Responding to Title IX Disclosures: Training for Faculty and Staff


Reinforce the trust between you and a reporting party when you’re informed of a Title IX incident.


  1. Define your role as someone who is not an Official with Authority 
  2. Understand the risks involved if a conversation is mishandled 
  3. Respond effectively using 7 tips to personalize your approach 
  4. Understand what not to say or do that could be harmful 
  5. Be prepared at a moment’s notice  

This video course is for all faculty and staff who are not designated as Officials with Authority by the Title IX Coordinator. It will provide you with useful conversational strategies that allow you to have an informed conversation with anyone who discloses an incident of sexual harassment with you. 


Lesson 1: Title IX Disclosures

  • VID 1: The Value of this Course
  • VID 2: Course Introduction
    • Difference Between Official with Authority (OwA) and Non-OwA
    • Risks Involved if a Conversation is Mishandled
  • VID 3: Three Mishandled Scenarios and Course Learning Objectives



Lesson 2: Your Role as a Trusted Faculty or Staff Member

  • VID 4: Sample Situations for Faculty and Staff
  • VID 5: What to Say or Do (7 Tips Handout)
  • VID 6: What Not to Say or Do
  • VID 7: Other Useful Information to Know



Lesson 3: Practice Scenarios

  • VID 8: Scenario #1 – Lexie T.
  • VID 9: Scenario #2 – Tyler S.
  • VID 10: Scenario #3 – Helen W.



Closing Remarks


Course Highlights

  • 30 minutes of video instruction
  • 11 short videos
  • 3 sample scenarios to role play
  • 1 printable guide
  • Valued at $395. Free for members.



“I highly recommend this course for any non-mandated reporter. The course is also an excellent refresher for experienced Title IX administrators.”

Why is this event retired?

At AI we want to always ensure that the best and most current trainings are available to members, and we regularly review our trainings to ensure that is the case.