5 Essentials to Title IX Investigations

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5 Essentials to Title IX Investigations

Lead your next Title IX investigation with these five key investigator skills.


As a Title IX investigator, you play a critical role in building a solid foundation for each case—including identifying and compiling relevant evidence for the decision maker. We created this video course to highlight the five fundamental skills you must have to fairly and equitably conduct and manage sexual harassment investigations and feel confident in your role.

In this video course, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Build rapport during the interview
  2. Conduct effective questioning
  3. Identify and collect physical evidence
  4. Determine relevance
  5. Draft the investigative report

This video course is ideal for:

  • New Title IX investigators who have not investigated a sexual harassment case and are looking for just-in-time training.
  • Seasoned investigators who have not investigated in a while and need a refresher or have not investigated sexual harassment cases specifically and need an introduction to the basics.



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  • Introduction and Course Organization

Five Key Investigator Skills

  • Skill 1: Building Rapport
  • Skill 2: Effective Questioning
  • Skill 3: Identifying and Collecting Evidence
  • Skill 4: Determining Relevance
  • Skill 5: Preparing the Investigative Report

Closing & Evaluation

Course Highlights

  • 30 minutes of video instruction
  • 8 short video lessons
  • Downloadable investigator skills guide
  • Downloadable sample investigative report
  • Valued at $495. Free for members