Developing Campaign Volunteers to Optimize Your Faculty and Staff Giving

Last updated February 15, 2022

Developing Campaign Volunteers to Optimize Your Faculty and Staff Giving

Last updated February 15, 2022

Increase volunteer engagement to optimize faculty and staff campaign contributions.


Faculty and staff giving campaigns are an integral part of every annual giving strategy. However, the key to their success is the participation of dedicated volunteers. Without those volunteers, your faculty and staff giving campaign cannot reach its full potential. As a result, by changing how you approach potential volunteers among your faculty and staff, you will be better positioned to maintain a healthy philanthropic culture on campus while also generating an increase in donors and financial donations among your colleagues.

Join us online to learn and discuss how your shop can improve your faculty and staff giving campaign by:

  • Creating alumni affinity groups among faculty and staff
  • Identifying and developing campaign ambassadors
  • Securing leadership buy-in to gamify fundraising efforts on your Day of Giving


Who should attend?

This program is for annual giving professionals and teams who want to increase their dollars raised as well as the total number of donors in their faculty and staff giving campaign. More specifically, if you have a volunteer deficit among your staff and faculty for your annual campaign, this training will help you improve how you identify and develop volunteers for a more successful campaign experience.


March 31, 2022

1:00 – 2:30 p.m. Eastern


Creating Alumni Affinity Groups Among Faculty and Staff

There are dedicated alumni among your faculty and staff who have chosen to devote their careers to serving the students at your institution. By creating affinity groups internally, not only will you increase giving among your faculty and staff, but your alumni participation rates will also improve. You will also learn why engaging colleagues who happen to be alumni can help to promote a culture of philanthropy by highlighting the reminder that charity begins at home to your external constituents.



Identifying Campaign Ambassadors

Building a volunteer network of faculty and staff who represent both alumni and non-alumni donors is key to successful fundraising. You will learn how to develop a dedicated group of ambassadors whose giving stories can be powerfully used in your appeals for your annual campaign.



Securing Leadership Buy-In

Leadership support of your faculty and staff giving campaign can reverberate down to the deans who communicate the importance of giving to their staff and faculty. By learning how to pitch this support to your leadership using gamification on your Day of Giving, you will begin to cultivate enthusiasm for philanthropy among all levels of faculty and staff at your institution.