Connecting Planning and Budgeting in Student Affairs

(Retired) | Last updated June 2, 2015

Connecting Planning and Budgeting in Student Affairs

(Retired) | Last updated June 2, 2015


Strategic planning processes should be about creating a shared vision that all members of a student affairs division get behind. However, most experiences with long-term planning fall flat, in part because planning is often not connected to resource allocation or assessment.

Join us online as we identify the most common strategic planning and budgeting pitfalls and offer solutions that can help your student affairs division put your plan into action. While we will not be able to address all of the steps in creating a strategic plan, we will offer specific ideas that will help you use the plan you may already have.

Drawing on her experiences at a variety of institutions, our expert instructor will share examples of effective student affairs division strategic plans, budget templates, and assessment rubrics. Additionally, we will provide links to a variety of other resources (texts, webinars, membership organizations, and listservs), so you can continue to build your capacity around this topic after the webcast.

Who should attend?

This webcast is ideal for vice presidents of student affairs and other senior leaders in the division, directors of student affairs planning and assessment, members of student affairs assessment committees.


For each of the items below, we will explore challenges, opportunities and concrete solutions:

  • Creating comprehensive, flexible division-wide strategic plans
  • Connecting resources to planning
  • Using assessment to make improvements and inform resource allocation


The focus will be on how to weave the above items together into a seamless process that doesn’t feel like extra work but becomes an integral and imperative framework that guides your decision making and program development.

Why is this event retired?

At AI we want to always ensure that the best and most current trainings are available to members, and we regularly review our trainings to ensure that is the case.