FERPA for Advancement: Train Your Whole Shop

Last updated November 29, 2016

Course Length

1h 24m

Last Updated

November 29, 2016

FERPA for Advancement: Train Your Whole Shop

Last updated November 29, 2016


Train your entire shop on important FERPA regulatory obligations to protect your institution from civil liability, negative publicity, and possible exclusion from federal aid programs. This program will cover:

  • Which general shop information is covered under FERPA regulations
  • How to determine if a particular piece of shop information is covered or exempt
  • How the regulations have changed your shop’s obligations
  • Case studies for particularly troubling, yet common, information
  • How the FERPA requirements fit into your greater regulatory obligations

Every staff member needs to be trained on FERPA. Add the recording to your training library to train new hires and give veteran fundraisers a refresher.

Who should attend?

All U.S. advancement stakeholders who retrieve and/or use alumni data will benefit from attendance. Novice participants will leave able to ensure that all FERPA requirements are addressed in every data request. Decision-makers will walk away with key information to consider when forming shop policy. Both groups will gain from a discussion of common shop information issues through a case-study format.


  • FERPA Definitions
  • How Does FERPA Apply to Advancement?
  • The Five Key Provisions to Know
    • Excluded from the education record
    • Directory information
    • Legitimate educational interest
    • In connection with financial aid
    • Written consent
  • Other Important Considerations
    • The definitions of “attendance” and “no longer a student”
    • Clarification of parental disclosures
    • Identification and authentication of identity
    • Data sharing
  • Looking at the Big Picture: Case Study Example
  • Takeaways: Your Regulatory Obligations and Ethical Standards