Developing an In-Depth Alumni Mentoring Program

Last updated December 21, 2018

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December 21, 2018

Developing an In-Depth Alumni Mentoring Program

Last updated December 21, 2018

Learn how to better facilitate an alumni-student mentoring program.


Mentoring programs are a great way to reconnect and re-engage alumni, while providing students important career development advice and helping them to understand life after school. Join us online as we uncover the tools and techniques needed to create a program that effectively engages alumni as volunteer mentors and provides meaningful experiences for students. You will learn how to establish, maintain, and assess an effective alumni mentoring program that values the depth of the connection over the number of transactions; you will also gain strategies for how to engage and secure faculty and campus partners as key stakeholders.

This webcast will showcase the success of Marquette University’s award-winning program that has seen:

  • 100% satisfaction from students and alumni
  • 93% of mentors and mentees complete their established goals
  • 90% of mentors return annually to the program, with many referring fellow alumni as future program participants

Who should attend?

Alumni relations and career services professionals will learn how to develop an alumni mentoring program that engages alumni and prepares students for their future career paths. This program will also be useful for development professionals looking to gain an appreciation of engaging alumni through this comprehensive initiative, including from a cultivation perspective.


  • Program Overview and Structure
  • Program Set-Up
    • Partnering across campus
    • Messaging to students and alumni
    • Application and selection process
  • Training and Expectation-Setting
    • Students
    • Alumni
    • Faculty buy-in and involvement