Rethinking Faculty and Staff Giving


Rethinking Faculty and Staff Giving


Table of Contents


How one institution achieved an 81% participation rate.



  • Institutional Context
    • Enrollment and employment
    • Program rationale and mission
  • The Compressed Model
    • Length of campaign
    • Counting and designation principles
    • Focus on participation vs. dollars
    • Choosing chairs and representatives
  • Program Messaging and Marketing
    • Checklists
    • Packet materials
    • Solicitation calendars
    • Thank-you suggestions
  • Obtaining Buy-In
    • Key relationships to develop
    • How to effectively partner with HR
    • Special considerations for unique populations
      • Academic support
      • Faculty senate and staff assembly
      • Physical plant
  • Translating the Model
    • Scaling for a larger institution
    • Dealing with competing external campaigns
    • Addressing economic conditions
  • Alumni employee club possibilities



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