Uncovering More Planned Giving Prospects

Last updated March 20, 2019

Uncovering More Planned Giving Prospects

Last updated March 20, 2019

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Learn how to effectively identify the right planned giving prospects in your donor pool.


Planned giving donors are passionate about furthering their institution’s vision by leaving a significant material legacy. However, planned gifts are notoriously hard to predict as these unique donors do not have to reveal their intentions before bequeathing the gift. Planned gifts are often set up like surprises for the institution, yet they are far too significant to be left to chance. To use their resources efficiently, planned giving officers must look beyond traditional approaches (such as mass mailing) when trying to pinpoint the right kind of prospects.

Join us for this webcast to learn how to make better predictions about your prospects and market to the right people. Our expert faculty will cover:

  • How to identify donors who are mostly likely to contribute to your institution with planned gifts
  • How to mine your database for the right prospects
  • What are some productive questions you can ask to kickstart the planned gift conversation
  • What clues to look out for to find your perfect prospects
  • Case studies that help you put what you’ve just learnt into practice

In this training, you’ll work through case studies with specific donor profiles and gift types to help you hone your prospecting skill set.

Who should attend?

This webcast will be beneficial to those looking to bring in more planned gifts to their institutions. Planned giving professionals, frontline fundraisers, leadership annual giving professionals, and advancement leaders will all find value in the content of this training.


In this webcast, our experienced faculty will walk you through how to:

  • Understand the qualities and values of planned giving candidates
    • Donor cohorts
    • Qualities to look for
  • Mine your database for ideal prospects
    • Key data points to review
  • Start productive conversations about planned gifts
    • Questions to ask candidates
    • Clues to listen in for