Recruiting for Diversity: A Training for Academic Search Committees

Last updated March 17, 2020

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March 17, 2020

Recruiting for Diversity: A Training for Academic Search Committees

Last updated March 17, 2020

Change your mindset to be more proactive in recruiting diverse candidates.


Is your academic search committee a “receiving” committee – one that waits for applications and hopes they’ll be diverse? Or does your committee have the mindset of recruiters – closely monitoring applications and taking action to ensure the diversity of the applicant pool? Ultimately, hiring more diverse candidates requires search committees to see themselves as accountable for the outcomes of the process.

Join us online to learn key pieces of a more proactive mindset that will help ensure your search processes produce more diverse hires. To help you start thinking more like a recruiting committee, our expert will share tips for:

  • Networking intentionally to attract more diverse candidates
  • Tracking and benchmarking data on the diversity of your candidate pool throughout the process
  • Mitigating implicit bias

Who should attend?

This webcast will benefit academic search committees who are looking for new approaches to increase diversity in their candidate pools during the hiring process. Faculty affairs professionals and academic leaders charged with increasing diversity in academic departments may also wish to attend.


Our expert will offer guidance on adopting a “recruiting” mindset by helping your committee:

  1. Network Intentionally: Whether it’s through everyday conversations, special events, conferences, or reach-outs to HBCUs, learn how to seek out the right connections and ask the right questions to have the most impact.
  2. Track and Benchmark the Right Data: Discover where to get data that helps uncover how diverse your candidate pools really are and how to adjust your processes as needed during a search.
  3. Appoint a Diversity Advocate: Get tools for appointing and training a Diversity Advocate, someone who can hold your search committee accountable for diversity hiring goals.