Revitalizing Your Student Foundation Program Webcast Recording

Last updated March 13, 2017

Revitalizing Your Student Foundation Program Webcast Recording

Last updated March 13, 2017


Learn to develop a program that harnesses your students’ potential, pairs their skills with your shop’s vision and other student philanthropy efforts, and supports their own professional goals. Whether you are beginning a new effort or bolstering an existing program, this webcast will equip you with next steps and an arsenal of templates and resources to get the most out of your student foundation.

Throughout the training you will hear how the College of William and Mary was able to successfully combine three dormant and unsuccessful student philanthropy groups into one strong student foundation by:

  • Establishing a rigorous student selection process
  • Providing extensive and specific training
  • Setting transparent and firm expectations

Who should attend?

Alumni relations, annual giving, and other advancement professionals will benefit most from this training focused on revitalizing or creating a student foundation program.


  • Setting the Vision
    • Rebuilding a student foundation
    • Tying program to institutional and student priorities
    • Creating the vision
    • Budget
  • Recruiting and Building Your Team
    • Deciding on numbers and structure
    • Soliciting nominations across campus
    • Invitation process
    • Interviews
  • Training, Meetings, and Setting Expectations
    • Comprehensive fundraising training
    • Setting expectations around meetings, dress, and conduct
    • Meeting structure and guest speakers
  • Events and Involvement
    • Student philanthropy events
    • Class gifts
    • Donor engagement events
  • Looking Ahead – What’s Next?
    • Empowering students to write the constitution
    • Sub-committee structure
    • Developing a brand

Additional Resources

Included with your registration are a number of resources to help jumpstart your program:

  • Program proposal
  • Nomination email invitation
  • Student contract
  • Training manual
  • Training session outline/presentation
  • Meeting calendar
  • Meeting agenda
  • Budget
  • Student info questionnaire
  • Student roles and responsibilities