Effectively Onboard Major Gift Officers with a 90-Day Plan


Effectively Onboard Major Gift Officers with a 90-Day Plan


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Set your new major gifts officers up for success with an effective onboarding plan.



After briefly discussing common onboarding pitfalls and sharing their personal onboarding success story, John Dinkens and Dan Bolsen will walk you through a 30-60-90-day MGO onboarding plan according to key monthly outcomes:

Day 30: New hire should be familiar with the key internal and external stakeholders and fundraising priorities across campus.

Day 60: New hire should be making five significant contacts and five donor visits per week.

Day 90: New hire should be “off and running†with donor visits.

You will leave with an understanding of how you can flex this onboarding plan based on your own and your new hire’s strengths.



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