Establishing a Data Governance Committee in Advancement

Last updated March 14, 2019

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March 14, 2019

Establishing a Data Governance Committee in Advancement

Last updated March 14, 2019

Improve your advancement data quality by setting up a dedicated data governance committee.


Most advancement shops struggle with data governance, especially when it comes to data that is:

  • duplicated across multiple fields or shadow databases
  • erroneously put into one field versus another
  • inputted in open text fields instead of predefined dropdowns

These data challenges often affect the integrity of critical alumni and donor information that the entire operation depends on. You can significantly improve the quality of your data and solve problems across your shop by establishing a committee that is representative of all departments within advancement.

Join us for this webcast to hear our expert walk through the steps of establishing an effective data governance committee. You will leave this training with a collection of practical resources, such as a sample committee charter, an example of written data quality standards, tips for auditing your database, and a sample agenda for a committee meeting.

Who should attend?

p>This webcast will benefit everyone across the shop who is invested in maintaining quality alumni and donor data. Setting up a data governance committee is an initiative that can come from VPs, frontline fundraisers, or advancement services.


In this webcast, our faculty will share strategies for every step of forming your data governance committee. You will learn how to:

  1. Form a partnership with advancement services
  2. Gain leadership buy-in
  3. Build the committee
  4. Prioritize projects and improve data quality across the shop