Give Your Students an EDGE through On-Campus Internships

Last updated April 5, 2019

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April 5, 2019

Give Your Students an EDGE through On-Campus Internships

Last updated April 5, 2019

Learn how one university created a partnership between career services and financial aid to create a paid internship program that fosters student career and real-world skills development.


With many employers claiming that college and university graduates lack skills necessary for real-world success, it’s especially important to help students build these skills starting in their first year. DePaul University is doing this through EDGE (Education and Development Grant for Employability) – an on-campus internship program for first-year students that links them to a department team for 5-10 hours per week. Students gain skills and experience that will help them in their future careers, and they also get workshops in career development and financial fitness.

Join us online to start thinking about how to create a similar career development ecosystem on your campus. After describing DePaul’s EDGE program, we will share advice on how to define your own on-campus career development program – including how to identify and interact with campus partners.

Who should attend?

Career services leaders who are looking to partner with other units on campus to impact their students’ career and skills development will benefit from this session. The on-campus internships described in the webcast will be especially helpful for rural campuses and / or those serving students who may not have viable transportation off-campus.


DePaul University will share its expertise and success in developing its on-campus internship program called EDGE (Education and Development Grant for Employability) by discussing the following:

  1. Program Goals and Format: Understand how students develop financial literacy and career skills as outcomes of the internship program
  2. Strategic Program Design: Learn how DePaul University solved multiple student issues by developing the internship program and how you can do the same at your institution
  3. Strategic Partnership Model – Learn how to create a process that is easy for on-campus partners to use