Navigating Employee Considerations for Reopening in the Fall (Virtual Workshop)


Navigating Employee Considerations for Reopening in the Fall (Virtual Workshop)


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Portrait of Stacey Deboise Luster
Portrait of Adrienne Harrell


Stacey Deboise Luster
Assistant Vice President for Human Resources,
Payroll, and Affirmative Action and Equal
Opportunity, Worcester State University
Adrienne D. Harrell
Learning & Talent Development Manager
University of California, Santa Cruz

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  • 2hrs of video instruction
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Released 06/2020

Many colleges and universities are grappling with how best to handle personnel-related decisions in connection with fall semester plans. Human resources, finance, and administration professionals are constantly balancing employees’ fears and concerns about returning to campus with institutional obligations and liabilities. At the same time, these teams must also craft new policies that reflect current realities. Add in considerations around cross-training, reallocation of staff time, and support for managers, and it is quite a heavy lift.

This training will help you work through the many employee-related decisions you have to make by connecting you with peers to discuss, brainstorm, and share your best current thinking. You will hear from two experts about their plans and work in small groups to discover what your colleagues are doing to tackle questions around working in a hybrid in-person/remote environment, how to handle childcare challenges, and how to best support managers.

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