Creating a Plan for Career-Based Leadership Development in Co-Curricular Experiences

Creating a Plan for Career-Based Leadership Development in Co-Curricular Experiences

Build more transformative co-curricular learning for your students.


For years, institutions of higher education have been discussing how students can gain career skills from experiences both inside and outside the classroom. But few have made clear and concrete plans for ensuring that this learning actually occurs – and that it happens for everyone. Career readiness initiatives can also end up siloed in individual areas. Integrative learning that connects co-curricular and curricular learning can feel like a great idea – but also like an abstract notion that can never be achieved. The Co-Curricular Learning Masterplan, a new publication by Academic Impressions, offers practical solutions to these complex problems, offering a framework and structure for creating campus partnerships that bring career learning together for students.

Join us for a 75-minute webinar that will introduce you to the key concepts of the Co-Curricular Learning Masterplan. Masterplan co-author, Dr. Adam Peck, will begin by talking through the six foundational flaws with typical co-curricular experiences. Next, we will cover how campus leaders can work together to develop learning outcomes and activities that create truly integrative career-based learning. Adam will further demonstrate how the assessment tools in the book can create direct measures of student learning that help to track students’ improvement over time and based on their level of engagement. Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and reflect on how your programs may need to shift to ensure students’ skill development.

Who should attend?

Student success leaders responsible for transformative learning experiences outside of the classroom will benefit from this webinar, particularly if they are looking to build coalitions on their campus that reflect a broad and interdisciplinary approach to career learning.