Last Leader Standing: How to Thrive as the Team’s Only Experienced Leader

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Last Leader Standing: How to Thrive as the Team’s Only Experienced Leader

Learn how to thrive during peer leader transitions with this practical discussion on how to face the experience, and grow from it.


The rapid pace of leadership transitions in higher education has many leaders finding themselves in a unique situation as the last leader standing. How can you use your institutional knowledge and experience to develop your personal strategy during the transition, while also working to support the team as they welcome their new members and leaders? What skills should you sharpen to weather these storms as new dynamics and expectations emerge, and new relationships must be built?

In this panel discussion, our expert panelists will share their experiences and insights related to being “the last leader standing,” explore proven strategies to help provide stability during these transitions, and facilitate opportunities to learn from the experiences and expertise of other attendees. We will explore the following topics:

  • How to strategically face transitions in your peer leadership team
  • What skills, such as trust building and collaboration, to lean into as you work to provide stability
  • How to use these experiences to frame your path forward effectively in the new year.

Who should attend?

This webcast will be useful for higher education leaders at all levels, especially those who are currently experiencing, or who anticipate facing, transitions in their peer leadership group.

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