Enforcing Social Distancing on Higher Education Campuses


Enforcing Social Distancing on Higher Education Campuses


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Romando Nash Smita Ruzicka


Romando Nash
AVP for Student Life Services, University of
Nevada Reno


Smita Ruzicka
Dean of Student Life, Johns Hopkins

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Released 7/31/2020

Higher education institutions can be as prepared as possible to reopen their campuses in terms of putting policies and procedures in place, but what they cannot completely account for is how people will respond to and comply with the rules they set out. Planning for and enforcing social distancing guidelines is perhaps one of the trickiest aspects of reopening campus, as there are many variables which will necessitate institutions to hold people accountable.

Watch this highly interactive session where our speakers guided the live attendees discussion around these issues and hear what the live attendees felt were the most pressing questions and challenges to collectively unpack.

Who Should Attend

This training will primarily benefit Student Affairs leaders. Other institutional leaders who are serving on task forces or planning committees related to the fall 2020 reopening of campus may also find this discussion valuable.


  1. Building your enforcement team – How do you train your faculty, staff, and campus community to communicate expectations? How can they de-escalate or confront social distancing-related issues that may crop up in the classroom? What kind of training do residence life staff or other frontline staff need on how to confront breaches of social distancing rules?
  2. Holding community members and students accountable – How can you ensure students and the community follow the rules on and off campus? What does the disciplinary process look like for students? Are institutions modifying their honor codes or codes of conduct around mask-wearing or social distancing? What happens if they don’t want to wear a mask—how do you approach them?

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