Emotional Intelligence as a Key Driver for Advancing Women Leaders (Virtual Workshop Recording)

Last updated June 22, 2020

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1h 32m

Last Updated

June 22, 2020

Emotional Intelligence as a Key Driver for Advancing Women Leaders (Virtual Workshop Recording)

Last updated June 22, 2020

Learn how a research study of successful women college presidents in California can help you cultivate your emotional intelligence skills.


Women who rise to top leadership positions in higher ed possess a unique skillset that helps them overcome adversity, build resilience, and lead authentically. Kas Metzler studied and interviewed 26 women presidents in California and found some interesting commonalities in how they rose into their roles. Not surprisingly, the link is how they used and honed their emotional intelligence as leaders.

Join us online in this two-hour session and learn more about what emotional intelligence skillsets these California presidents have found most helpful in their career advancement. You’ll begin by taking a personal assessment that will help you identify your strengths and potential blind spots as a leader. You’ll then have the opportunity to brainstorm and discuss with other participants how these research findings can be applied to your own leadership journey, so that you walk away with at least two things you can start doing differently to nurture your emotional intelligence.

Who should attend?

This virtual training is designed for women at any level who are interested in growing their leadership skills by learning about the successes of other female leaders within higher ed. This online training will help you reflect on where you are currently in your leadership journey and where you want to go – and how your emotional intelligence can guide you on that path.


August 4, 2020

1:00 – 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Pre-work: Prior to attending this training, you will have the opportunity to take a Five Paths to Leadership℠ Self-Assessment to determine how you lead under normal conditions and how you lead under stress.

Icebreaker: Discuss Your Five Paths to Leadership℠ Self-Assessment Results

Section 1: The Research Findings

You’ll hear from the speaker about her research findings on how California has a higher rate of women presidents and why that’s the case. Specifically, you’ll learn how these presidents have used their emotional intelligence to ascend into their role and build a successful career.

Section 2: Small Group Breakouts

Using your self-assessment and the research findings from Section 1, you will break out into small groups and discuss the following:

  1. Contributions: What has contributed to your own leadership journey and how can you continue to leverage those contributions?
  2. Challenges: What challenges have you experienced or are you experiencing in your leadership journey and how can you overcome them?
  3. Strategies: What can you learn from the Presidents and other participants to support your optimal growth?
  4. Emotional Intelligence: How can this event nurture your emotional intelligence and support your leadership advancement?

Section 3: Large Group Discussion

When you return from the breakouts, you will share out the key takeaways and lessons learned from each group.

Final Q&A and Wrap up