Setting Boundaries with Empathy

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Setting Boundaries with Empathy

Gain the tools to set boundaries empathetically. 


Balancing the responsibilities of being a faculty member with responding to increasing student needs and life outside the university has only gotten more challenging post-pandemic. Faculty, for instance, are experiencing burnout at higher levels than ever before. But faculty who learn how to set boundaries with their work and maintain a healthy integration are far more likely to continue to enjoy that work and maintain their sense of professional well-being.  

In this course, Jackie Leibsohn will walk you through how to identify what’s being added to your plate, how and when to say “No” empathetically to additional work, and what may be standing in your way as you set boundaries. This course will speak to faculty at all levels who want to better learn how to set boundaries kindly with colleagues. For those who are not faculty but who may want to learn more about setting and maintaining boundaries, this course will be useful as well.