Managing Mobile Devices: BYOD and Loaner Devices

(Retired) | Last updated June 17, 2013

Course Length

1h 26m

Last Updated

June 17, 2013

Managing Mobile Devices: BYOD and Loaner Devices

(Retired) | Last updated June 17, 2013


As institutions increasingly leverage mobile learning, certain critical questions are emerging as to how to best manage, distribute, and maintain these mobile devices. Join us online to examine different models and determine which ones may work for you. Using several institutional examples, we’ll answer these important questions:

  • What are some institutional business models for procuring mobile devices?
  • How do you ensure quality and set standards for these devices?
  • How might management strategies differ depending on the mobile devices being used?

Who should attend?

Information and instructional technologists, multimedia specialists, and administrators responsible for supporting mobile device activities will learn effective models for maintenance, management, and distribution of mobile devices.


  • Device provisioning
    • What activities do we intend to support?
    • Are we replacing or augmenting another service/solution?
  • Scenario one: Organization buys device and loans to student
    • Pros and cons of single platform
    • Management strategies
    • Support and replacement planning
  • Scenario two: Student buys approved device
    • Program- or campus-wide?
    • Student-Fees-Supported?
    • Bookstore or carrier as distributor/support?
  • Scenario three: BYOD
    • SWOT analysis to decisions about resources
    • Plan and go!
  • Mobile device management
  • Security vs. privacy
  • Case studies
    • One-to-one example
    • Checkout example
    • Rental example

Why is this event retired?

At AI we want to always ensure that the best and most current trainings are available to members, and we regularly review our trainings to ensure that is the case.