Stewarding Your Annual Donors

Last updated May 31, 2017

Course Length

1h 21m

Last Updated

May 31, 2017

Stewarding Your Annual Donors

Last updated May 31, 2017


Stewarding annual donors is notoriously difficult, but is also vital to retaining these donors. The key to stewarding these donors lies in using existing resources and opportunities to maximize your time, budget, and stewardship efforts.

Watch this recorded online training to hear how the University of Tampa increased giving by 11% in their first year with intentional stewardship touches, without increasing their budget.


On Demand Training: Watch Anywhere, Any Time

  • Effective Stewardship
    • Retention
    • Donors want: access, information, and experiences
    • ROI stewardship touches at University of Tampa
  • Use Existing Resources to Steward Donors
    • Tax receipts
    • Phonation segments
    • Website
    • Videos
    • Add-ons to your donor benefits for giving societies
  • Inexpensive Additions to Add to Your Stewardship Program
    • Donor survey
    • Personalized notes and calls
    • Send a profile at the start of the year thanking for the progress
    • Cards for special occasions
    • Concierge service
    • Invite to events already happening on campus