4 Steps to Ensure Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility


4 Steps to Ensure Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility


Table of Contents


Make sure your instructional and informational technology is accessible to everyone on campus.



  • What’s Changed?
    • Regulatory requirements
    • Case law
  • 4 Steps for EIT Compliance
    • Assessing: Do your current EITs meet the most updated accessibility standards?
      • Conducting an in-house self-audit
      • Choosing the right standard for your institution
    • Building: How do you create a strategic plan to address your accessibility needs?
      • Long-term strategic plan timelines
      • Interim strategic plans to mitigate the purchasing process
    • Prioritizing: What are the most important needs for your institution?
      • Functional considerations for online services
      • Volume considerations for the most common needs
    • Identifying: What needs to be reviewed to ensure long-term accessibility?
      • Contract renewal dates
      • Purchasing guidelines and RFP adjustments
  • What Now?
    • Preparing for upcoming government standards
    • Action steps to get you started today
  • Final Q&A



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