Using Student Storytelling in Higher Ed Marketing Webcast Recording

Last updated April 29, 2016

Course Length

1h 34m

Last Updated

April 29, 2016

Using Student Storytelling in Higher Ed Marketing Webcast Recording

Last updated April 29, 2016


Get specifics for how to plan a student-driven content program for your digital marketing channels that helps you improve enrollment and engage alumni. Tim Nekritz, director of web communication at SUNY Oswego, will delve into the specifics of how to recruit, train, and manage students as they create content that highlights your unique campus environment.

“Most webinars on this topic just cover generic tips, but the Student Storytelling webinar really went in-depth with concrete examples and ideas of how to engage students in many different ways.”
Lauren Hoover, Admissions & Recruitment Coordinator, University of Pennsylvania School of Design

Who should attend?

This webcast is appropriate for higher education professionals who are planning for or are in the early stages of developing a program that engages current students to tell compelling stories and generate authentic content via blogs, video, photography, and more.


  • Planning and Recruiting
    • Assessing internal capacity
    • Technology considerations
    • Outreach to students
    • Application process and requirements
    • Incentivization 
  • Training and Management
    • Training process, materials and timeline
    • Effective supervision
    • Issue management
    • Results
  • Institutional Examples: Effective Student Storytelling
    • Video
    • Photo
    • Blogs
    • Social media campaigns

Resources to Get Your Storytelling Initiative Started

Included with your registration are the following resources that will help you get your student storytelling initiative off the ground:

  • Planning and resourcing worksheet
  • Guidelines for identifying effective student storytellers
  • Structure of an effective blog post
  • Content ideas for student stories

Examples of Effective Student Storytelling in Higher Education

Throughout this online training, you will see examples of effective student storytelling through videos, photos, blogs, and social media campaigns from multiple institutions. These examples will allow you to take away actionable ideas, regardless of your unique institutional context.