The Value of Relevance During Cross-Examination in Title IX Hearings

Last updated August 17, 2020

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3h 5m

Last Updated

August 17, 2020

The Value of Relevance During Cross-Examination in Title IX Hearings

Last updated August 17, 2020

Gain confidence in your ability to conduct a cross-examination during a Title IX Hearing.


The new Title IX regulations bring about two changes related to the live Title IX hearing process:

  1. Advisors can cross-examine the opposing party, which creates a truth-seeking opportunity to challenge credibility and the facts shared.
  2. Decision-makers, who are often hearing panelists, must gauge the relevancy of questions in order to keep the hearing process on track and allow each party the opportunity to bring up new information that was not previously explored.

Join us online for a four-hour virtual training designed to increase your comfort level with the cross-examination process. Our expert faculty will first provide context for the new rule and help you review your own process so that you can determine how well aligned you are with the new regulations. You will then learn cross-examination questioning techniques, allowing you to better develop your own set of questions related to witness credibility. Since relevancy can be tricky, you will practice the art and science of it through a case study, using a fact pattern designed to help you identify if questions are relevant or not. Our instructor will also guide you through a discussion of rape shield questions, which are now permitted in two limited ways during a live hearing.

Who should attend?

This virtual training is designed for the following Title IX team members:

  • Coordinators who oversee the hearing panel process
  • Decision-makers and hearing panelists who facilitate their campus hearings
  • Advisors who facilitate the cross-examination during the live hearing

If you are looking for an introduction to or refresher on the best practices related to determining questions of relevance during a live Title IX cross-examination, this event is for you.


September 21, 2020

1:00 – 5:00 p.m. Eastern

Our expert instructor will guide you through the following considerations related to cross-examination:

1. Review Your Process

You will examine how well your current hearing panel procedures align with the new rule, particularly when it comes to cross-examination and the roles of the decision-maker and advisor. You will also discuss aspects of the process including:

  • Reviewing your hearing panel structure to designate the best panelist to rule on relevance
  • Actualizing the role of the Advisor and preparing to address parameters and guidelines of the role
  • Responding to situations where parties are unprepared to facilitate a cross-examination, refuse to participate, or become emotional or difficult

2. Case Study

You will practice developing questions of relevance using a case study while also examining potential situations that could arise during the hearing process. Breaking into small groups, you’ll receive feedback from others to help you determine the relevancy of your questions and discuss how you can mitigate some challenges that may surface during a hearing.