Professional Development: What Really Matters to Advancement Professionals

Professional Development: What Really Matters to Advancement Professionals

Even with resources constrained, there’s a lot you can do to engage and retain employees and boost job satisfaction.


In this free webcast, we’ll share findings from a multi-year, longitudinal study specific to higher education—find out what really matters to employees in terms of career growth and development.


  • How different populations (e.g., women, under-represented groups, millennials, etc.) face different challenges with access to professional development, and what particular changes you can make to deepen their engagement and promote their development and advancement at your institution.
  • How to engage supervisors and department heads as partners in this process to better engage, develop, and retain employees.
  • How to develop employees in resource-constrained environments.

In our study, we found that even in environments with very limited funding for professional development, intentional and structured conversations between supervisors and staff about their development made a significant difference. Today, with an increasingly distributed, disconnected, and diversified workforce, HR leaders in higher education must approach employee satisfaction and engagement differently than in the past.

Who should attend?

Training and development professionals in advancement will leave this webcast empowered to engage employees throughout their shops and support supervisors in engaging employees at a much deeper level.