Responding to Burnout and Attrition in Higher Education

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Responding to Burnout and Attrition in Higher Education

Higher Ed has a workforce crisis – join us to learn what faculty and staff are saying about burnout, engagement, and what will retain them.


There is an urgent need right now to talk about the experiences of employees in higher education. Faculty, staff and administrators — at all levels — are experiencing meaningful levels of burnout and are leaving the academy at unprecedented rates.

Join us online to explore key insights gleaned from Academic Impressions’ national study on professional development — the only one of its kind in higher education. We will discuss the issues of burnout and attrition, and also look at:

  • How burnout is impacting faculty versus staff.
  • Which demographics have seen the most impact and why.
  • What leaders are saying about their own burnout levels.
  • What matters most for faculty and staff engagement.
  • What can leaders do to mitigate attrition.


We’ll share the most important findings from our survey, including how the data compares to the data pre-COVID. We will then create the space for participants to discuss and share with their peers how these issues are impacting their campuses — and what they’re doing about it.

Who should attend?

This session will be valuable for both unit-level leaders (at all levels, from Manager to VP), as well as those who support leaders across campus, including those in HR, Faculty Affairs, DEI, and others.