Developing Academic Stamina in First-Year Students


Developing Academic Stamina in First-Year Students


Table of Contents


Learn how you can help students increase their “academic stamina†through the improvement of 4 essential non-cognitive skills.




  • Overview of the connection between non-cognitive indicators and first-year student retention
    • Background
    • Efforts to promote persistence
    • Efforts to promote performance
  • Facilitating discussions with first-year students on their assessment results
    • Interpreting non-cognitive assessment scores for students
    • Types of discussions: one-on-one and group
    • Main factors to emphasize
    • Getting student buy-in
  • Assisting students to create an educational action plan based on their strengths and weaknesses
    • Developing the plan
    • Helping students implement and use the plan
    • Sample action plan
  • Improving first-year students’ skill levels
    • Helping students implement the action plan
    • Using effective instructional strategies
  • Final thoughts and Q&A




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