Transitioning Leadership Annual Donors to Major Donors


Transitioning Leadership Annual Donors to Major Donors


Table of Contents


Gain strategies for more effectively moving donors through your pipeline.




  • Evaluating and Managing your Leadership Donor Portfolio
    • Moving donors into, and upgrading within, your leadership giving levels
    • Effectively assessing and managing your leadership donor portfolio
    • Developing goals and strategies for leadership donors
      • Continuous leadership giving
      • Upgrading for higher level annual giving
      • Upgrading from leadership annual gift to major gift
    • Beyond qualification: Identifying who manages the relationship
  • Managing Productive Donor Visits
    • Determining visit expectations and goals
    • Using probing questions to build to a successful solicitation
  • Stewardship Techniques to Effectively Manage and Transition Leadership Donors
    • Engaging donors in continuous conversation
    • Developing a unique stewardship program for leadership donors
    • Tools to gather vital information to strategically build your relationship



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Why is this event retired?

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