Developing an Assistance Animal Compliance Policy


Developing an Assistance Animal Compliance Policy


Table of Contents


Learn sound guidelines for managing assistance animals on campus.



  • Why Are We Talking about Assistance Animals?
    • Definitions: Assistance animals vs. service animals vs. emotional support animal
    • Fair Housing Act vs. Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Assistance Animal Myths Debunked
    • WHAT can you ask about the animal?
    • WHO needs to be involved?
    • WHERE are they permitted on campus?
    • HOW should you communicate their presence to the campus community?
  • Policy Checklist
    • Begin with the target implementation date, and assemble the stakeholders
    • Start the archaeological dig and construct the policy
    • Consider assignment processes and construct your process flowchart
    • Plan for likely issues, and gain approval for your policy
    • Execute training and communications
  • Final Q&A



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Why is this event retired?

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