Integrating Social Media into Your Solicitation Communications Plan

Last updated August 19, 2020

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August 19, 2020

Integrating Social Media into Your Solicitation Communications Plan

Last updated August 19, 2020

Meet donor expectations by appearing in their social media feeds with thoughtful and coordinated posts.


Now more than ever, it’s imperative to incorporate social media into your annual giving solicitation communications plans to meet donors where they are every day – online.

Join us for a webcast that will walk you through how to successfully integrate social media into annual giving and curate a seamless donor experience across solicitation channels. Our expert instructor, Karalee Harhaji, will come ready to share her experiences across two institutions, Georgetown University and Catholic University, each with varying budgets and knowledge in making the move to social media. Regardless of what your current practices are, you will have the chance to visualize how you can craft an improved plan moving forward.

Who should attend?

This webcast addresses the top challenges around social media and is scalable to shops of any size. The content of this training will be beneficial to annual giving and communications professionals who are looking to effectively integrate social media with traditional solicitation channels.


With examples from both institutions, our expert speaker will cover:

  • The current landscape – Why it’s vital to engage donors in communication channels where they are most likely to spend their time
  • Who to involve – How to partner with your institution’s central accounts to create maximum impact with your advancement specific social media channels
  • What options you have – How can you decide whether to use organic posts or invest in advertising? What’s the difference between boosting and ads?
  • When to utilize social media – Start with the most strategic opportunities that align with your budget and grow to more consistent engagement
  • Where you can integrate – Identify areas where social media can boost your giving
  • How well are you doing? Determine the key metrics you should be tracking and reporting to leadership
  • Best practices – Explore digital fundraising best practices to better engage your donors virtually