Impact of Inflation on Higher Education

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Impact of Inflation on Higher Education

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The next worry for higher education: inflation. Learn how it impacts higher education and get useful examples of how colleges are responding successfully.


While the news has been largely positive about the state of finances in higher ed, the damaging effects of raging inflation present another darkening cloud that higher ed leaders will need to navigate. Two reports from Moody’s Investment Services project that wage inflation, labor shortages, and a nationwide hiring push will send institutional expenses skyrocketing this academic year. Meanwhile, the strong labor market matched with rising inflation will have an additional negative impact on college enrollment and revenues.

Join us along with your peers from across the nation for a free webinar to discuss this issue and explore the following questions:

  • What strategies or best practices are being implemented to respond to rising inflation?
  • How are you communicating and making space for dialogue with your faculty/staff/students/alumni on the impact of inflation on your campuses?
  • In what ways will inflation impact gains in endowments or an increase in state-supported funding?

You’ll leave this webinar with a greater awareness of how other higher ed leaders are handling inflation on their campuses, as well as new ideas for how to respond on your own campus.

Who should attend?

This training is designed for higher ed leaders a) impacted by the challenge of financial administration, and b) who would like to hear how peers at other institutions across the nation are thinking about and addressing this issue.