Identifying Your Leadership Annual Giving Goals and Pipeline

Last updated August 16, 2022

Course Length

4h 25m

Last Updated

August 16, 2022

Identifying Your Leadership Annual Giving Goals and Pipeline

Last updated August 16, 2022

Learn strategies to build an optimal leadership giving program that enhances donor loyalty as well as your donor pipeline.


A leadership annual giving program will not succeed unless it is strategically aligned with your overall annual giving program. Having a clear vision and plan for optimizing your leadership giving program is essential, and this training will help you to understand how leadership giving can—and should—work to deepen donor relationships and help you to exceed your annual giving goals.

In this training, you will explore different leadership annual giving recognition clubs and society models, and also learn about the methodology of giving structures and how to determine alternate models of recognition. You will identify the individuals you should be soliciting as leadership annual donors and learn how to manage each donor effectively in order to match their interests to their highest potential.

Who should attend?

This training series is ideal for both new and seasoned advancement professionals who are building or revamping a leadership annual giving program. You will leave this training with the skills to bolster your own leadership annual giving program.

Attend the Full Series for the Most Impactful Experience

This training is part of an education series that has been specifically designed to help you to comprehensively assess, develop, and improve your leadership annual giving program. It consists of the following trainings — participate in all four to get the most impactful experience. The trainings include:

  • Identifying Your Leadership Annual Giving Goals and Pipeline
  • Developing Essential Fundraising Skills for Leadership Annual Giving
  • Considering Communication and Stewardship in Leadership Annual Giving
  • Positioning Your Leadership Annual Giving Program for Continued Success