Transitioning Campaign Success into Evergreen Giving Opportunities

Last updated October 15, 2023

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October 15, 2023

Transitioning Campaign Success into Evergreen Giving Opportunities

Last updated October 15, 2023

Turn your campaign message into an evergreen giving opportunity.


Campaigns are long-term, effort-intensive fundraising cycles that require hard work and commitment from Advancement staff, university and volunteer leaders, and donors. When a campaign comes to a close, the institution must balance the celebration of its accomplishments and gratitude for donors with the ongoing need for philanthropic support, all in the setting of inevitable potential for staff and donor fatigue. The best practice is to couple campaign-close communications with a focused effort that capitalizes on the momentum garnered during the campaign to transition into an evergreen philanthropic marketing and communications effort. This underutilized practice showcases high potential investment opportunities – thus, keeping philanthropy alive well beyond a campaign.

Creating giving opportunities beyond the close of a successful campaign does not happen by chance. It requires a coordinated effort with your marketing and communications team to ensure that they are prepared to best position your institutional needs while also celebrating the impact of the campaign and honoring the donors who helped to make it a success. Join us to learn the steps UC San Diego took in their transition to create a post-campaign evergreen giving opportunity—and how you might adapt their approach to your own unique institutional context.

Who should attend?

This program is for marketing and communication professionals who are 1-2 years out of closing their campaign, or who have just finished their campaign, and are looking for their next step to support their institutional fundraising efforts. If you’re an advancement leader or fundraiser in a similar phase within a campaign, this program will provide you with a path you can take that builds upon your fundraising success.


Preparing for the Transition from Campaign to Evergreen Giving
Balancing the celebration of a successful campaign with the ongoing need and urgency for philanthropy is the primary challenge to address when you want to maintain your fundraising momentum post-campaign. Learn what you can do to manage this process to set realistic expectations for this transition. 

Applying the Campaign Ethos into an Evergreen Message
Throughout the course of your campaign, your team, volunteers, and institutional leadership have adopted an ethos of who they are and how they communicate this identity to prospects and donors. Learn what it means to transition intentional messaging into an evergreen effort, and what role the marketing and communications team can play post-campaign.