Planned Giving: Using Student Callers

Last updated July 24, 2013

Course Length

1h 23m

Last Updated

July 24, 2013

Planned Giving: Using Student Callers

Last updated July 24, 2013


Do you have limited resources for your planned giving program? Students are a low-cost and effective option for reaching out and connecting with your most loyal donors.

Join us online as our expert instructor introduces a student calling program that consistently uncovers current leadership giving members and exceptional prospects. Along with gaining a thorough understanding of how to begin such an initiative at your institution, you will learn tactics for:

  • Selecting, motivating, training, and retaining the right student callers
  • Communicating your effort internally and externally
  • Managing handoffs between student callers and professional staff
  • Getting started in a variety of shop settings

Who should attend?

Planned gift professionals will learn how to increase their prospect pool with an innovative use of student callers. Annual giving and phonathon managers will gain a better understanding of how to adapt this model to their shop.


  • Program evolution
  • The model
    • Rationale and mission
    • Objectives and goals
      • Awareness
      • Identification
    • Student roles and responsibilities
    • Achievements
  • Selecting, training, and retaining the right students
    • Enticing strong applicants
    • The selection process
    • Initial and ongoing training
      • Scripting
      • Contact reporting
    • Compensation
  • Executing and communicating your program
    • Determining your contacts
    • Sample introductory letters
      • From leadership giving donors
      • From planned giving director
    • Managing the handoff between student and staff
    • Follow-Up planned gift materials
    • Timeframes
  • Building buy-in for your effort
    • From annual giving
    • From major giving
  • Measuring the results of your work
  • Scaling the model to your institution