Family Giving: Cultivating the Next Generation of Wealth


Family Giving: Cultivating the Next Generation of Wealth


Table of Contents


Learn how to set the stage for future cultivation and engagement among legacy families.



  • The Implications of the Transfer of Wealth
  • Case Study 1: Working with Parents to Cultivate Student Philanthropy
    • You will learn the importance of working with parents to initiate their student’s philanthropic start. Talking through the process used at Skidmore, this case study will show you the fundamentals of generational giving and the millennial mindset that is a critical part of family giving, as well as provide helpful talking points.
  • Case Study 2: Peer-to-Peer Discussions of Family Philanthropy
    • Our speaker will share a peer-to-peer example that Skidmore has used to include young alumni. You will learn tips on how to identify advocates, as well as ideas for events, conversations, and talking points.
  • Final Tips on Generational Giving



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