Five Steps for Sub-Branding in Higher Education (Webcast Recording)

Last updated August 16, 2017

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August 16, 2017

Five Steps for Sub-Branding in Higher Education (Webcast Recording)

Last updated August 16, 2017


Join us for a webcast to learn how to approach and conduct a successful sub-branding process for your individual schools, colleges, departments, or centers on campus. Our expert instructor will present  five steps that he has used to work alongside faculty and staff in various colleges on his own campus to create sub-brands that also align with and support the institutional brand as a whole.

To illustrate how these five steps can vary slightly depending on the unit you are sub-branding, our instructor will cover the specifics of how the process has worked at two different schools on his campus.

Who should attend?

This webcast has been designed for marketing and communications professionals who want to learn more about how to extend their existing institutional parent brand into “sub-brands” for individual units (schools, colleges, departments, and/or centers) on campus.


Our expert instructor will outline five steps to conducting a successful sub-branding process for individual units (colleges, schools, departments, and/or centers) on campus:

Step I. Lead insight conversations

Lead these conversations with the faculty of the unit for which you are developing the sub-brand. You will see examples of how to open the conversation and what questions to ask to gather the insights you need.

Step II. Summarize the conversations

Present these to the faculty in a way that demonstrates the objectives and purpose around sub-branding. You will learn how to position this presentation to maximize buy-in from the faculty and to educate faculty about the value of the process of sub-branding.

Step III. Create the sub-brand promise

Turn your insights into the actual language of the sub-brand promise. You will learn how to ensure that the sub-brand promise you create, either in-house or via outsourcing, fits well with your parent brand architecture.

Step IV. Open dialogue for refinement of the sub-brand

The lengthiest part of the process is presenting the language back to the faculty. Our instructor will provide tips for how best to navigate this step, and how to incorporate faculty feedback while staying true to the previous insight conversations and the resulting sub-brand promise.

Step IV. Roll out and application

Begin using the sub-brand to inform creative and brand positioning for the unit moving forward. Here, our instructor will give you ideas for how to roll this out to the faculty and will provide examples of how the sub-brand has been applied and used at his institution.