Using Annual Giving Data to Acquire and Retain Donors

Last updated October 13, 2020

Using Annual Giving Data to Acquire and Retain Donors

Last updated October 13, 2020

Use the right data to make informed and intentional decisions about how to grow your donor pipeline.


Data analysis has the power to inform and transform your annual-giving decision making in a way that allows you to steer your shop towards growth. However, the key to effective data analysis is knowing how to use the right data and from where to obtain it, so that you can identify donor trends, grow your pipeline, and increase funds raised.

Join us online to hear from the University of Washington on how to best use data to make informed decisions in order to retain, reactivate, and acquire donors. You’ll learn how to:

  • Ensure you retrieve the right data from the sources that best support your analysis
  • Examine how to use metrics to accurately segment donors
  • Engage your donors effectively while moving them through your donor pipeline with greater intention

Who should attend?

This webcast will benefit annual giving professionals looking for ways to use data to increase dollars raised when it comes to retaining donors and acquiring new ones. This webcast will also be beneficial for those who work in advancement services and work with data for annual giving teams.


In this hour-long webcast, our expert instructor will cover the following considerations:

Retrieving Relevant Data

By understanding the type of data you should be looking for, along with where and how you should be retrieving it, you will be better able to prioritize, analyze, and respond to the most important needs of your donors. You will learn why it is important to gather and use data from:

  • Industry standards, including associations and consortiums
  • Peer institutions, by comparing and contrasting strategies with similar institutions
  • Internal dashboards, by identifying trends within your own data that help you determine opportune paths forward

Identifying Opportunities for Growth

You’ll get tips and strategies on how to use your data to make informed decisions and craft intentional plans that help you build donor loyalty, reengage your LYBUNTs and SYBUNTs, and bring in new donors.