Donor Relations: Demonstrating ROI (Webcast Recording)

Last updated November 30, 2016

Course Length

1h 11m

Last Updated

November 30, 2016

Donor Relations: Demonstrating ROI (Webcast Recording)

Last updated November 30, 2016


Learn how to objectively measure the success of your donor relations program and communicate the ROI with leadership and across your shop. Donor Relations Guru®, Lynne Wester, will show you how to:

  • Create clear benchmarks for donor relations success
  • Track unique opportunities—including donor retention rate
  • Determine the right metrics for your shop

“The information provided is helping to build the case for a strong donor relations strategy”
– Dory Straight, Scholarship Officer, University of Alaska Foundation

“Lynne’s webcasts are always beneficial, but I think this one even exceeded expectations! Great, concrete examples of how we can capture the ROI of our efforts. She inspires me every time!”
– Kristi Jongeling, College of the Holy Cross

Who should attend?

Donor relations professionals and advancement leaders will leave this session with a comprehensive model for objectively evaluating donor relations work.


  • Comprehensive Donor Relations Metrics
    • Evaluating the program comprehensively
    • Developing metrics for individual staff members
    • Considerations for small shops and large shops
    • Considerations based on campaign cycle
  • Monetizing through the Donor Relations Pyramid
    • Acknowledgements
    • Events
    • Reporting
    • Societies
  • Unique Tracking Opportunities
    • Retention rate tracking
  • Calculating the Lifetime Value of a Donor
  • Determining the Right Metrics for Your Shop and Communicating to Leadership

Donor Retention Analysis Workbook

Included with your registration is a workbook that will allow you to track your donor retention rates over time.