Foundations of Title IX Investigations (Alamo Colleges District)

Foundations of Title IX Investigations (Alamo Colleges District)

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portrait of Bev Baligad


Bev Baligad
Director, Compliance/Title IX Coordinator
University of Hawaii — West O’ahu

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  • 7 hrs, 18 mins of video instruction
  • Downloadable resources

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Released 12/08/2021

Preparing for and conducting a thorough and impartial Title IX investigation requires a specific and unique toolkit, particularly considering the May 2020 Title IX Regulations issued by the Department of Education. During this training, you will develop the foundational knowledge and skills to conduct a sexual harassment investigation effectively and with confidence.

With the guidance of your expert instructor, you will learn how to:

  • Clearly define and understand your role as the designated investigator
  • Approach investigations using a proven methodology that allows you to identify gaps in relevant information
  • Interview different types of witnesses using tailored interview tactics
  • Identify interview questions that will help you obtain missing information to move the investigation forward
  • Analyze the facts uncovered during your investigation to determine relevance and sufficiency

You will examine a mock investigation—complete with facts, sample testimonials, and policies—to help you understand and appreciate the complexities of a complaint, while you also interpret and apply your learning to your campus’ current investigative practices and policies.

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