Creating Interactive University Magazine Content

Creating Interactive University Magazine Content

June 19, 2018

1:00 - 2:00 p.m. EDT

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Move beyond one-sided content in your university magazine and encourage more engagement.

University magazines can be one of the best ways to engage alumni, donors, and community members, but how often does your content encourage two-way communication? Particularly as some magazines are rethinking the class notes section of the publication, how else do you replace something that previously enabled a back-and-forth with the audience? Join us online to hear the latest ideas on engaging magazine content, showcasing the best ideas from around higher ed and scaling lessons learned from consumer magazines.

Who Should Attend

This webcast is designed for editors and their teams looking to freshen-up stale formats and infuse new ideas for their institutional or alumni magazine.


This session will offer you many different ideas on how your readers can interact with you and how you can choose how to implement these pieces based on your goals and purpose. Examples will include:

  • Eliciting nostalgia
  • Redesigning class notes
  • Opportunities for readers to submit based on prompts


Renee Olson

Renée Olson

Owner, Squint

Renée has been chief editor at magazines on parenting and children’s books in Manhattan and at three university magazines in New Jersey, each one winning at least one CASE national award. (One judge called out her “winning blend of whimsy and gravity, visual panache, and quality writing.”) In 2016, she started Squint, a firm specializing in magazine making, copywriting, and infographics. She has misspelled the name of a multimillion university donor in print. She has published a single book review in The New York Times. She idolizes the artist Maira Kalman. In her free time, you may catch her collecting found objects.

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Gwen Doyle Herbert
Program Manager, Academic Impressions

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