Report: Developing Leaders in Higher Education

Cover: Developing Leaders in Higher Ed

June 2011.

Nearly one-half of higher-ed administrators gave their institution a C, D, or F letter grade when assessing their campus’s commitment to their development as a leader.

Higher ed institutions are facing impending waves of retirement at all levels of the institution and across all sectors of our industry. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, how institutions capture and transfer knowledge and identify and develop the next generation of leaders will be key determinants of their futures.

Recent research by Academic Impressions suggests that institutions have yet to meaningfully address this problem. In a survey conducted of a broad range of administrators, 40 percent of respondents indicated that their institution was not actively preparing for the upcoming retirements.

Many industries with aging workforces face similar challenges. Fortunately for higher education, the private sector is much further along in tackling the problem and has many lessons to offer.

That’s why we’ve asked experts from both higher education and the corporate sector to share their insights and expertise on these critical issues. We hope their advice will be useful to you.

In This Issue

  • Rethinking Higher Education’s Leadership Crisis
  • Meeting Adaptive Challenges: The New Leadership Skill Set
  • Identifying Leadership Potential in Your Staff
  • Building an In-House Leadership Development Program
  • Deepening Your Talent Bench: Horizontal Career Ladders

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