What is an Academic Impressions Digital Badge?

What is an Academic Impressions Digital Badge?

The digital world is rapidly evolving, and so are the ways we recognize achievements in the professional development space. It's common to receive traditional accomplishment acknowledgments, such as physical and electronic certificates and diplomas. Still, those documents are not easily represented in virtual spaces such as social media, electronic resumes, and other digital summaries of our work history and continued education.

Academic Impressions is therefore excited to announce that we now offer digital badges, in addition to certificates, as a powerful asset for showcasing your commitment to professional development and lifelong electronic learning.

With this in mind, let's explore digital badges, their benefits, and how you can claim an Academic Impressions Digital Badge for some of our signature certificate courses.

What is a Digital Badge?

A digital badge is an icon that is used to recognize that a person has completed an online course or other learning experience. Digital badges can adorn your resume, be featured on social media profiles like LinkedIn, be included in your email signature, or enhance your personal brand. Each badge provides not just a visual representation of an achievement but is also embedded with metadata with detailed information, including your name, the title of the completed training, the date you earned the badge, and a link to the training overview page.

Digital badge

Digital Badge vs. Certificate

While certificates and digital badges are both valuable for professional and personal development, they serve different purposes. Certificates are more traditional documents that denote the completion of a course or program. Digital badges, on the other hand, are tailored for the digital age, offering a more dynamic, shareable way to display your achievements online.

The Benefits of Earning a Digital Badge


Digital badges let you display your achievements in a format that's visually appealing and easy to share.


Earning a badge from a reputable organization provides third-party validation of your skills and learning, enhancing your professional credibility and reputation.


By displaying badges on various online platforms, you can showcase your expertise to a broader audience, including potential employers, colleagues, and professional networks.


Earning digital badges makes learning more engaging and fun, encouraging continuous skill development and knowledge acquisition.


Digital badges demonstrate your proficiency in specific areas as well as your commitment to ongoing professional development, making you a more attractive candidate for career advancement opportunities.

How to Claim an Academic Impressions Digital Badge

Thanks to our partnership with AccredibleTM, Academic Impressions has made it easier than ever to claim and showcase your digital badges on our signature certificate programs.

Earning and claiming an Academic Impressions Digital Badge is a straightforward process. Just follow these four easy steps to claim your badge:


Complete one of the designated signature or certificate programs offered by Academic Impressions.


Upon completion, you'll receive an email with a link to claim your badge.


If this is your first badge with Academic Impressions, you'll be asked to set up a password for your Credential Wallet, where all of your badges will be stored for easy access.


From your Credential Wallet, you can download your badge, share it directly on social media, or generate an embed code to display it on your email signature or personal website.